The Rescueboard is minimal, battery powered  vessel for short range rescue and assistance on most types of waters. It's under development as an in-house project.

The Rescueboard project is the result of more then a decade of designing, developing, prototyping and testing small rescue boats, rescue equipment and systems for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, Sjöräddningssällskapet.


+ Small and light enough to bring along in a car, in a helicopter, on any boat, after an ATV or shorter distances on foot

+ Can go where bigger boats can't

+ Boarding small boat

+ Shallow and rocky waters

+ Waters with debris or ice

+ Simple, sturdy construction for minimal maintenance and high reliability

+ Lithium-ion battery for range and deep cycles

+ Minimum training – safe and fun to use for anyone

- Not intended for surf; not as fast as a PWC, more buoyancy than a surf board

Speed and maneuverability test in sub zero temperature with prototype #1.1

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